SE - Recent final revised papers

Effective buoyancy ratio: a new parameter for characterizing thermo-chemical mixing in the Earth's mantle   
A. Galsa, M. Herein, L. Lenkey, M. P. Farkas, and G. Taller
Solid Earth, 6, 93-102, 2015
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  28 Jan 2015
Upper mantle structure around the Trans-European Suture Zone obtained by teleseismic tomography   
I. Janutyte, M. Majdanski, P. H. Voss, E. Kozlovskaya, and PASSEQ Working Group
Solid Earth, 6, 73-91, 2015
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  16 Jan 2015
Magma storage and plumbing of adakite-type post-ophiolite intrusions in the Sabzevar ophiolitic zone, northeast Iran   
K. Jamshidi, H. Ghasemi, V. R. Troll, M. Sadeghian, and B. Dahren
Solid Earth, 6, 49-72, 2015
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  14 Jan 2015
Finite-difference modelling to evaluate seismic P-wave and shear-wave field data   
T. Burschil, T. Beilecke, and C. M. Krawczyk
Solid Earth, 6, 33-47, 2015
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  13 Jan 2015
Analogue experiments of salt flow and pillow growth due to basement faulting and differential loading   
M. Warsitzka, J. Kley, and N. Kukowski
Solid Earth, 6, 9-31, 2015
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  06 Jan 2015
Scale effect on runoff and soil loss control using rice straw mulch under laboratory conditions   
S. H. R. Sadeghi, L. Gholami, E. Sharifi, A. Khaledi Darvishan, and M. Homaee
Solid Earth, 6, 1-8, 2015
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  05 Jan 2015
Active-layer thermal monitoring on the Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, maritime Antarctica   
R. F. M. Michel, C. E. G. R. Schaefer, F. M. B. Simas, M. R. Francelino, E. I. Fernandes-Filho, G. B. Lyra, and J. G. Bockheim
Solid Earth, 5, 1361-1374, 2014
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  21 Dec 2014
Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium release from two compressed fertilizers: column experiments   
M. J. Fernández-Sanjurjo, E. Alvarez-Rodríguez, A. Núñez-Delgado, M. L. Fernández-Marcos, and A. Romar-Gasalla
Solid Earth, 5, 1351-1360, 2014
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  21 Dec 2014
Characterisation of the magmatic signature in gas emissions from Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica   
Y. Moussallam, N. Peters, C. Ramírez, C. Oppenheimer, A. Aiuppa, and G. Giudice
Solid Earth, 5, 1341-1350, 2014
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  20 Dec 2014
Characterization and interaction of driving factors in karst rocky desertification: a case study from Changshun, China   
E. Q. Xu and H. Q. Zhang
Solid Earth, 5, 1329-1340, 2014
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  16 Dec 2014
Microscale strain partitioning? Differential quartz crystallographic fabric development in Phyllite, Hindu Kush, Northwestern Pakistan   
K. P. Larson, J. L. Lamming, and S. Faisal
Solid Earth, 5, 1319-1327, 2014
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  16 Dec 2014
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in post-fire soils of drained peatlands in western Meshchera (Moscow region, Russia)   
A. Tsibart, A. Gennadiev, T. Koshovskii, and A. Watts
Solid Earth, 5, 1305-1317, 2014
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  16 Dec 2014
Preface: Environmental benefits of biochar   
J. Paz-Ferreiro, A. Méndez, A. M. Tarquis, A. Cerdà, and G. Gascó
Solid Earth, 5, 1301-1303, 2014
 Final Revised Paper (PDF, 34 KB)   Special Issue

  15 Dec 2014
Features of the Earth surface deformations in the Kamchatka peninsula and their relation to geoacoustic emission   
I. A. Larionov, Y. V. Marapulets, and B. M. Shevtsov
Solid Earth, 5, 1293-1300, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 463 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  10 Dec 2014
Relative tectonic activity classification in the Kermanshah area, western Iran   
M. Arian and Z. Aram
Solid Earth, 5, 1277-1291, 2014
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  04 Dec 2014
Future accreted terranes: a compilation of island arcs, oceanic plateaus, submarine ridges, seamounts, and continental fragments   
J. L. Tetreault and S. J. H. Buiter
Solid Earth, 5, 1243-1275, 2014
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  04 Dec 2014
Thermal conditions during deformation of partially molten crust from TitaniQ geothermometry: rheological implications for the anatectic domain of the Araçuaí belt, eastern Brazil   
G. C. G. Cavalcante, A. Vauchez, C. Merlet, M. Egydio-Silva, M. H. Bezerra de Holanda, and B. Boyer
Solid Earth, 5, 1223-1242, 2014
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  03 Dec 2014
Tunable diode laser measurements of hydrothermal/volcanic CO2 and implications for the global CO2 budget   
M. Pedone, A. Aiuppa, G. Giudice, F. Grassa, V. Francofonte, B. Bergsson, and E. Ilyinskaya
Solid Earth, 5, 1209-1221, 2014
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  02 Dec 2014
Preface: Soil processes in cold-climate environments   
M. Oliva, P. Pereira, J. Bockheim, and A. Navas
Solid Earth, 5, 1205-1208, 2014
 Final Revised Paper (PDF, 39 KB)   Special Issue

  01 Dec 2014
Interpretative modelling of a geological cross section from boreholes: sources of uncertainty and their quantification   
R. M. Lark, S. Thorpe, H. Kessler, and S. J. Mathers
Solid Earth, 5, 1189-1203, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1483 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  28 Nov 2014