SE - Recent final revised papers

Polyphase evolution of Pelagonia (northern Greece) revealed by geological and fission-track data   
F. L. Schenker, M. G. Fellin, and J.-P. Burg
Solid Earth, 6, 285-302, 2015
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  25 Feb 2015
A 3-D shear velocity model of the southern North American and Caribbean plates from ambient noise and earthquake tomography   
B. Gaite, A. Villaseñor, A. Iglesias, M. Herraiz, and I. Jiménez-Munt
Solid Earth, 6, 271-284, 2015
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  20 Feb 2015
The rheological behaviour of fracture-filling cherts: example of Barite Valley dikes, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa   
M. Ledevin, N. Arndt, A. Davaille, R. Ledevin, and A. Simionovici
Solid Earth, 6, 253-269, 2015
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  20 Feb 2015
Soil microbiological properties and enzymatic activities of long-term post-fire recovery in dry and semiarid Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis M.) forest stands   
J. Hedo, M. E. Lucas-Borja, C. Wic, M. Andrés-Abellán, and J. de Las Heras
Solid Earth, 6, 243-252, 2015
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  20 Feb 2015
Volcanological aspects of the northwest region of Paraná continental flood basalts (Brazil)   
F. Braz Machado, E. Reis Viana Rocha-Júnior, L. Soares Marques, and A. J. Ranalli Nardy
Solid Earth, 6, 227-241, 2015
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  19 Feb 2015
Kinetics of potassium release in sweet potato cropped soils: a case study in the highlands of Papua New Guinea   
B. K. Rajashekhar Rao
Solid Earth, 6, 217-225, 2015
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  17 Feb 2015
Variations of the crustal thickness in Nepal Himalayas based on tomographic inversion of regional earthquake data   
I. Koulakov, G. Maksotova, S. Mukhopadhyay, J. Raoof, J. R. Kayal, A. Jakovlev, and A. Vasilevsky
Solid Earth, 6, 207-216, 2015
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  16 Feb 2015
Impact of the addition of different plant residues on nitrogen mineralization–immobilization turnover and carbon content of a soil incubated under laboratory conditions   
M. Kaleeem Abbasi, M. Mahmood Tahir, N. Sabir, and M. Khurshid
Solid Earth, 6, 197-205, 2015
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  13 Feb 2015
Fault evolution in the Potiguar rift termination, equatorial margin of Brazil   
D. L. de Castro and F. H. R. Bezerra
Solid Earth, 6, 185-196, 2015
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  12 Feb 2015
High-precision relocation of seismic sequences above a dipping Moho: the case of the January–February 2014 seismic sequence on Cephalonia island (Greece)   
V. K. Karastathis, E. Mouzakiotis, A. Ganas, and G. A. Papadopoulos
Solid Earth, 6, 173-184, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 7666 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  12 Feb 2015
A lithosphere-scale structural model of the Barents Sea and Kara Sea region   
P. Klitzke, J. I. Faleide, M. Scheck-Wenderoth, and J. Sippel
Solid Earth, 6, 153-172, 2015
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  12 Feb 2015
Receiver function images of the Hellenic subduction zone and comparison to microseismicity   
F. Sodoudi, A. Brüstle, T. Meier, R. Kind, W. Friederich, and EGELADOS working group
Solid Earth, 6, 135-151, 2015
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  04 Feb 2015
Soil organic carbon along an altitudinal gradient in the Despeñaperros Natural Park, southern Spain   
L. Parras-Alcántara, B. Lozano-García, and A. Galán-Espejo
Solid Earth, 6, 125-134, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 177 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  03 Feb 2015
Changes in soil quality after converting Pinus to Eucalyptus plantations in southern China   
K. Zhang, H. Zheng, F. L. Chen, Z. Y. Ouyang, Y. Wang, Y. F. Wu, J. Lan, M. Fu, and X. W. Xiang
Solid Earth, 6, 115-123, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1458 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  02 Feb 2015
Geothermal investigations in western Anatolia using equilibrium temperatures from shallow boreholes   
K. Erkan
Solid Earth, 6, 103-113, 2015
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  30 Jan 2015
Effective buoyancy ratio: a new parameter for characterizing thermo-chemical mixing in the Earth's mantle   
A. Galsa, M. Herein, L. Lenkey, M. P. Farkas, and G. Taller
Solid Earth, 6, 93-102, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2814 KB)   Supplement (1644 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  28 Jan 2015
Upper mantle structure around the Trans-European Suture Zone obtained by teleseismic tomography   
I. Janutyte, M. Majdanski, P. H. Voss, E. Kozlovskaya, and PASSEQ Working Group
Solid Earth, 6, 73-91, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 4639 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   Special Issue

  16 Jan 2015
Magma storage and plumbing of adakite-type post-ophiolite intrusions in the Sabzevar ophiolitic zone, northeast Iran   
K. Jamshidi, H. Ghasemi, V. R. Troll, M. Sadeghian, and B. Dahren
Solid Earth, 6, 49-72, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 11931 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  14 Jan 2015
Finite-difference modelling to evaluate seismic P-wave and shear-wave field data   
T. Burschil, T. Beilecke, and C. M. Krawczyk
Solid Earth, 6, 33-47, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 13793 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  13 Jan 2015
Analogue experiments of salt flow and pillow growth due to basement faulting and differential loading   
M. Warsitzka, J. Kley, and N. Kukowski
Solid Earth, 6, 9-31, 2015
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 11597 KB)   Supplement (59998 KB)   Discussion Paper (SED)   

  06 Jan 2015