Scheduled special issues

The following special issues are scheduled for publication in SE:


Analogue modelling of basin inversion
01 Oct 2021–30 Sep 2022 | Frank Zwaan, Michael Rudolf, Riccardo Reitano, Susanne Buiter, Ernst Willingshofer, and Guido Schreurs | Information


Virtual geoscience education resources (SE/GC inter-journal SI)
01 Dec 2020–01 Dec 2021 | Virginia Toy, Marlene Villeneuve, Simon J. Buckley, Steven Whitmeyer, and Susanne Buiter | Information
01 Jul 2020–30 Sep 2021 | Juan Alcalde, Ramon Carbonell, Solveig Pospiech, Alba Gil de la Iglesia, Liam A. Bullock, and Fernando Tornos | Information
07 Apr 2020–15 Oct 2021 | Philippe Jousset, Gilda Currenti, Zack Spica, and CharLotte Krawczyk | Information